RDP CONSULTING, INC. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with extensive experience in mapping, surveying, planning and civil engineering, giving a distinct edge in the implementation and maintenance of successful GIS and engineering solutions.

We provide Computer Mapping, GIS and Engineering services. By using an integrated approach, we address client requirements in a more efficient manner, combining relevant expertise from the three disciplines.

Aside from the Philippines, we have also undertaken several mapping and GIS projects in other countries such as the United States, Japan, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, East Timor, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Zambia.


SRDP offers mapping services from ground survey to GIS base map creation using aerial photos or satellite imagery.


SRDP offers GIS database development from ground up. Our GIS services range from field data gathering, research, integration of various spatial data to GIS analyses, thematic mapping and application development. We also offer consulting services to support applications in Transportation, Urban and Regional Planning, Disaster Management, Infrastructure Development and Environmental Studies.


SRDP offers engineering services in a GIS setting. With GIS in mind, more analysis opportunities and new insights can be achieved when taking on engineering jobs, such as road and railway design, land development and water resource engineering.

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